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Who are We?

ASP (auction software pro) is designed and developed by Digital Marketing Solutions LLC (DMS). DMS is one of the leading Auction Software development companies based in the United States. We are a professional full-service firm that provides complete software development and design for Online Auction website owners. Our services include Analysis, Design, E-Marketing, Coding, Testing, and Hosting. We will work with you to define your business needs and also recommend a technical solution to meet those needs.

  • Founded in 1995 as a Computer Training & Network firm that merged into Web Design and Software Development in 2003.
  • Delivered over 300 website projects.
  • Completed and delivered 14 large and complex web applications including the most popular ASP and the number one rated Penny Auction Software (PAS).
  • Leading our company is Phillip Nguyen, who has more than 21 years of hands-on working experience in Software Engineering and Web Application Development. He has two advanced degrees in Software Engineering and Information System management from Western Michigan University and Grand Valley State University.
  • DMS has 21 full-time staff with a combination of more than 60 years of Web Design & Development experiences. Our staff specializes in Project Management, Software Engineering, Graphic Design, Search Engine, and Internet Marketing, etc.
  • 91% on time and on budget.
  • 98% retention rate.
  • Members of BBB – Rated A+ since 2003.

Our Skills

Over 50 years of combined .NET based web application development experience.
A team of 5 hardcore coders with knowledge in C++, Java, Python, Object C, SQL, Perl, and Swift.
A team of 3 graphic designers with over 30 years of combined experience in design customization.
A team of 3 software testing engineers with more than 30 years of combined experience in software testing.
A team of 3 project managers and 2 full-time trainers.
A team of 3 on-going technical support & maintenance.

Our Services

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Yes, our software is ready to launch but that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and jump into this business without careful planning. Talk to us for your business needs and we will recommend you the technical solutions to meet those needs.
Unless your budget is so tight that you have to use one of our existing pre-designed templates free of charge, you should always consider spending some money to customize a “look and feel” design that is uniquely you. Our graphic design team is ready for the challenge.
Yes, our online auction software is tested, proven, and ready to launch. However, over 65% of our customers have requested some modification of existing codes or adding on some specialized features to make the sites to meet their needs. There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to meeting your customers’ needs. No matter how complex it is, our team has over 60 years of combined coding experience.
Don’t let any other company promise you that “you can easily set it up yourself” in their effort to sell you their software. An authentic and professional online auction website often requires a dedicated server with online payment security, secured database, firewall, and backup services, etc. This job is NOT for an everyday Joe. It requires an experienced network engineer who knows both hardware and software in order to do the job right. Sit back and let our team do it right the first time.
Our online auction software is built with ease of use in mind. You can try it out for FREE to believe it. However, there are times that you may need someone to show you the “tips and tricks” that you may not know. Your service contract with us automatically includes up to 5 hours of one-on-one training.
You can have the most beautiful and sophisticated online auction website in the world but if you don’t do the marketing right, your website isn’t going to do any good. We can help you in this area as we have helped many of our customers over the last 20 years.

Why Choose Us?

Why you should purchase our software over others:

1. Guarantee - We guarantee it works. Sit back and let us do all the work. We promise that we will set up the website for you from A to Z unless you prefer to do it yourself.

2. Legit. - We legally own our software, and it’s filed with the U.S. Copyright Office. We have developed it from scratch and own every single line of code in it. Did you know it’s illegal to purchase stolen property and, therefore, the very software you purchase may actually be a liability to you rather than an asset? Many of the online auction software scripts sold on the Internet are illegal copies, and many of the online auction websites have been taken down by authorities because of this.

3. Technical Support & Maintenance.- Regardless of how sophisticated any software is, the truth is that it’s subjected to “wears and tears” just like anything else. The constant changes in technology guarantee that you will need some technical support in the long run. From a server that hosts it to the web browsers that run it, to the variety of hardware that customers use to operate it, is highly recommended that you pick a firm that will stand by your side for the long haul.

4. Scalability.- Our Online Auction Software is built with our strong belief that each business is unique based on the fact that we have built many plug-in modules that can be easily integrated just when needed. Each website should be unique in its own design. Our graphic design team is ready to help you with this need.

5. Ease of Use. - We challenge you to find a more intuitive Online Auction Software where every feature built-in is embedded with a tool tip message to show you how to understand the feature. Our field tests are done with several groups of 5th graders and senior groups to see if they can use our software without any training – this is proof that any software is as good as the person who uses it.

Thank you! Our Online Auction Software team is looking forward to working with you.

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